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A place with many water resources, which is also important, are the diamonds deposits.

It was divided into two in 1978 and covers 103.000 km2 with 9 districts: Cambulo, Tchitato, Cuilo, Caungula, Cuango, Lubalo, Capenda Camulemba and Xá Muteba and the capital is Lucapa.

Tchokwe is the biggest ethnic group of the population but there are also Lunda, Camatapa, Luba and Cacongo. The most spoken language is Tchokwe.

The weather is tropical humid and the annual average temperature is 24ºC. The Diamond producing companies have created direct and indirect employment opportunities for the major part of the population.

The province has a fluvial network comprising of affluent from Zaire River.

The province is rich in diamonds.

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