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The weather is composed of two seasons: rainy and hot season (from September to April), cold and dry (from May to August).

Along the coastline, there is a high degree of precipitation decreasing from North to South and year average temperature are placed over 23ºC.

The central zone can be characterized as follows: North with high degree of rainfall and high temperature; central highland with a dry season with temperature of around 19ºC and south with intensive cold because of its proximity to the desert and influence of the tropical wind. *extracts of the poem "We will be back" António Agostinho Neto Some interesting aspects Driving orientation: right hand driving.

Bank office hours: 8am - 3pm. Official language: Portuguese. National currency: Kwanza (US dollar is also accepted in many places).

Electricity: 220/240V 50Hz. Time Zone: GMT/UTC +1 Telephone code: +244 Measuring Units: metric Curiosity: when you buy something on the street (fruit or other), it is common from the client to ask for "squebra" which is small discount for the courtesy.
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