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One of the most fantastic things in Angola is the culture within all its manifestation. The traditional music (Semba, Rebita) and the so called modern music (kizomba, kuduro, and zouk) have been already internationa-lized to certain extent.

Some musical instruments are worthy to be mentioned such as the drum, kissange and marimba. "From marimba to Kissange, to our Carnival, we will be back." Traditional dance with its rhythm has a special space.

Each and every time new rhythm and variations enrich them demonstrating the creativity of the Angolan people. The Carnival is one of the biggest cultural expressions together with music, dance and tradition. Concerning Angolan han-dcraft, the nation has a lot to offer.

Wooden handcraft is the most expressive probably (black-wood, grey wood, pink wood and Panga-Panga) but, there are other materials being used with high care and art such as Clay, Mateba (palm fibre), bronze, ivory, horn, etc.

Important Note – If you get a handcraft objects and you want to take it home with you, you need a stamp from the Ministry of Culture and affix it on the object.
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