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The Portuguese Navigator Diogo Cão, at his arrival at the Angolan coast in 1482, met a well structured kingdom – the Congo kingdom, basically inhabited by the Bantu people, coming mainly from north of Africa.

Good relationship was then established between the Portuguese people and the Congo Kingdom with intensive trade exchanges.

The good relationship came to an end when the Portuguese national, Paulo Dias de Novais started occupying directly the seacoast by establishing captainships. At the same time, the slavery trade was started, from Afri-ca to Brazil until the 19th century when slavery was abolished.

Angola is a young country which became independent in 1975 500 years after colonization of the Portuguese. the struggle for independence was started on February 04, 1960 with the emergence of the 3 main armed parties – MPLA, FNLA and UNITA).

On the 11th of November 1975, Doctor Antonio Agostinho Neto declared the independence of Angola. But, peace was not yet reality by that time. The main warring parties started another round of war among themselves for power which lasted for long time. Now that peace is a fact, Angola has entered into a dynamic process of national reconstruction.

All sectors of the Angolan economy including infrastructures are being revitalized.
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