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Angola is with no doubt a country blessed by nature. It is difficult to say its major richness, among its people, its rich culture, beauty or natural resources.

A friendly and hospitable people and incredible nature, dynamic and attracting culture, makes Angola an interesting country to explore. "To our rivers, our lakes, our mountains, our forest, we will be back"* Concerning tourism, it can be said that Angola is a non polished diamond, an enormous potential to explore.

The country can be proud of agglutinating in the same territory and variety of landscape, weather… beautiful beaches, mountains, tropical forests, Namibe desert… and its fauna and flora which will enable the nation to be one of the most promising destination for tourists of Africa and the World.

Ecotourism, radical sports, and photographical safaris and ethnographic are some of the modalities within tourism with a guaranteed success due to the existing conditions: water falls, rapid, natural reserves, tropical forests, etc.
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